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Xanlite Pro: LED specialist


Trademark of the company Yantec created in 1997, Xanlite has the ambition to promote a new way of lighting. Faced with the needs of its professional customers, Xanlite Pro has decided to place innovation at the centre of its activity in order to be able to provide the most cutting-edge lighting solutions on the market. Ranges are reviewed on an ongoing basis and enriched with state-of-the-art and high-performance products.


Rapid growth, increasingly more comprehensive services, very quick reaction times;in just a short time, Xanlite Pro has become a forerunner for industry lighting trends. Nor does Xanlite Pro does stop here; the company continues to grow by continuously expanding its services to get as close as possible to its professional customer clients, and therefore better meet their needs, in particular thanks to its design office.


Xanlite Pro commitments 


- To research the best lighting performance
- To develop solutions at the forefront of innovation
- To offer quality solutions, compliant with the latest European standards
- To reduce energy costs


Quality as a tool for innovation


With a Quality Control and integrated Research & Development centre, Xanlite Pro is able to conduct tests across its entire production line.


In addition to the structural and organisational aspect, Xanlite Pro also continuously invests in cutting-edge equipment in order to optimise the quality of products sold. Thus for lighting, Xanlite Pro possesses state-of-the-art equipment:. X ray Rohs machine, SMT line, BGA, goniphotometer, integrating sphere, ageing room.


All of this today enables Xanlite Pro to chart its ambitions and subscribe to a strategy centred on research into performance and quality.



High tech, latest generation LED equipment


The LED solutions offered by Xanlite Pro specifically provide:

- excellent temperature resistance and resistance to close/open cycles
- one of the highest performance (>=90) Colour Rendering Indexes (CRI)
- regarding power, a wide flux range to satisfy targeted and specific uses.




Xanlite Pro: LED lighting solutions


Xanlite Pro is able to assist you in equipping your new builds, as well as with any “re-lamping” projects you may have. Objective: to replace existing, obsolete and energy-consuming lighting with our LED solutions, generating energy savings of up to 85% and whose useful life are twenty times that of traditional solutions. A very speedy return on investment is guaranteed!


On this subject, Xanlite Pro is raising awareness amongst order placers (architects, design offices, house builders, electricians) and developing numerous contacts, especially with local authorities (city councils, schools, etc.). The Xanlite Pro design office and experts are able to assist you with your projects whether you are architects, lighting specialists or even installers and this, in the various market sectors: shopping facilities, services industries and manufacturing.